César Barberena

« El Indio Divino »




Óleo sobre lienzo (30″ x 40″)



César Barberena


“El Indio Divino”

RUBÉN DARÍO se ganó el sobrenombre de “El Indio Divino” dentro de las Cortes y Diplomacia Europea por el color de su piel y por sus poemas. Mas tarde ese Indio sería nombrado Príncipe de las Letras Castellanas.

César Barberena ,was born in 1962 in Granada,Nicaragua. Attended the school of fine Arts, Granada, the National school of Arts,Managua,Nicaragua. He has exhibited in the Washington metropolitan area since 1990. His paintings are include in many private and public collections.
César Barberena is placid and cotemplative in his trek. He is not so much desirous to reach his destination as he is following the process to take him from one epiphanous moment to the next. He is driven by the journey and not the journey’s end, authoring his existence one meticulous brushstroke at a time.
Gabriel Traversari
Washington 2002


Barberena is a painter who thinks whith his brush. It is dificult to ditinguish what he thinks from what he sees, the reason his paintings and the naked bodies are blackened and yet the paintings glow. The light comes from within them. You have to look the source of light to look at Barberena’s pictures. It is the signature of these paintings, a little like a sorce of love.
Leo Raditsa
Annapolis MD 1997


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